My name is Eric Grey. I live in coastal Oregon and practice acupuncture & Chinese herbalism at a clinic I co-own with my wife. We moved here a few years ago, after having lived in Portland for a decade. I don't plan to leave.

Prior to my life as a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I studied Philosophy at Oregon State University and headed out to Purdue University to pursue a PhD. However, life circumstances intervened, and I ended up leaving West Lafayette, IN to head home - where I eventually ended up in medical school.

While Chinese medicine dominates the bulk of my mind and time, increasingly I'm making space to return to a more formal engagement with Philosophy. I have interests most broadly in epistemology and ethics, and more specifically in Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Science (including comparative versions of each) as well as the places where ethics & my practice / business life intersect.

This blog is a place for me to discuss all those things that don't fit in my other spaces for writing - notably Chinese Medicine Central - a space for teaching and writing about the practice of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. While I could, in truth, write about anything there, I felt the urge to create a space specifically for my Philosophical and less obviously medical explorations. That's where you are right now.

Thanks for being here!